Business and Financial Advisory Consulting

  • Conducted an investigation of accounting practices and potential irregularities related to a private college. Assisted the board of directors in developing a plan to stabilize cash flows, improve budgeting processes and adopt control procedures to prevent future problems. In addition, assisted the college in negotiations for various financing and sale options.
  • Engaged by a company to assist with the duties of its financial accounting departments. Supervised a reconstruction of the company’s property and equipment records and directed all of its accounting functions. Prepared an analysis of the company’s current and future cash needs, assisted it in the preparation of projections and assisted company management in negotiations with their bank and potential investors, resulting in the successful recapitalization of the company.
  • Created a financial model with five year projections to determine the feasibility of an Idaho based health system acquiring a competing hospital in the same market.  Our work was designed to analyze the company’s historical financial results and operating structure and to project future financial results using key assumptions regarding volume and market share data.
  • Worked on behalf of the board of directors of a national chain of bowling centers to assess the current state of the business and determine both short-term and long-term strategies to stabilize and turn around operations. Evaluated corporate expenditures and identified opportunities to reduce corporate overhead by over $2,000,000 per year. Developed a cash flow model to facilitate cash management and forecasting. Facilitated the development of individual business plans for each of the 106 centers in the chain, assessed management’s ability to execute the plans and assisted senior management in making the necessary management changes at the center level.
  • Provided consulting services to a large health system in New Mexico to implement operational improvements as part of a back-office redesign.  Our work was designed to accelerate cash collections in the business office and improve overall billing and collection processes to improve accounts receivable.
  • Assisted a transportation authority to enhance their rail construction program and processes by performing an operational and risk assessment review of the authority’s cost, schedule, quality and safety programs in effect for their construction projects.
  • Prepared financial models for an e-business start-up company to project the feasibility and overall operating results of developing a new healthcare venture designed to create an internet-based link between providers and payers for claims processing and the transmission of other data on behalf of a group of large healthcare insurance companies based in California.
  • Reviewed the management systems in use by an international construction contractor on a major civil project and prepared recommendations for improving the management systems in place to enhance the contractor’s project performance.
  • Prepared numerous financial models to project the operational impacts of a system of hospitals to comply with the State of California SB1953 rules.  Our work was designed to determine the capital requirements needed to modify the system’s existing facilities and to determine if those capital requirements could be funded with the projected operating results of the organization.

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