Internal Controls

  • Prepared an expert report on damages related to a dispute between a real estate developer and a large financial institution.  Our work, which focused on a fraud committed by an employee of the real estate developer, was designed to evaluate the existence and completeness of the company’s internal controls.
  • Performed an analysis and investigation of specific allegations against a government enterprise fund. The investigation addressed specific issues and provided suggestions to improve the financial and administrative practices and procedures. The investigation included specific tests of internal controls, current and former employee interviews, inmate interviews and written documentation review.
  • Performed an investigation into an employee of a tribal gaming business related to expense reimbursement.  Our work included evaluating company policies, internal controls, and reviewing approximately four (4) years of employee expense reimbursements to quantify potential misuse.
  • Conducted an investigation related to the theft of company assets by a board member of a non-profit school related organization.  Our work included reviewing five years of financial activity to identify the methods used for the misappropriation, the weaknesses in internal controls, and to quantify the amount of money obtained by the board member.
  • Analyzed a company’s billing and payment practices related to their patient management services provided under contract with six different state agencies.  Our work was designed to analyze the contracts and determine whether the patient management company was complying with its agreements and the financial implications associated with non-compliance.
  • Rebutted the damage claim of another expert in a partnership dispute in the equestrian horseshow industry.  Our work included analysis of the books and records of the partnership to determine whether one of the partners complied with the partnership agreement as it related to the financial transactions of the business.
  • Prepared process documents to identify operational improvements and assisted in the implementation to redesign back office operations of a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) organization. This publicly traded company engaged us to perform a back office redesign to improve overall efficiency and the collection of accounts receivable. Our work consisted of performing comprehensive interviews with the individuals involved in the process, documentation of existing processes and procedures and development of new processes and procedures.  We also established policies and procedures and increased overall recovery of outstanding accounts receivable.
  • Engaged to develop the program management policy & procedure manual for a pharmaceutical company’s capital projects.  The manual was developed to guide the owner’s internal engineering & construction project managers and support staff through the process of budget development and approval, procurement of engineering and construction service providers, fiscal management of the service providers and management reporting on the design and construction progress.
  • Engaged to assist the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority to enhance their rail construction program and processes. We performed an operational and risk assessment review of the transportation authority’s cost, schedule, quality and safety programs regarding their underground and light-rail program’s design, construction, testing, start-up and operational activities.
  • Assisted a health care provider manage their major construction and refurbishment project. We prepared a detailed operational and risk assessment review of the hospital’s $200 million construction project. This review included assessing the hospital’s design and construction department and the performance of the hospital’s hired service providers (design firm, construction management firm and general contractors).

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