Business and Financial Advisory Consulting

The professionals of F3 have decades of experience serving as trusted advisors to companies seeking to address the complex operational and financial challenges that their organizations face.  In today’s dynamic marketplace, we can assist organizations to understand how to stay one step ahead as well as respond to the regulatory and legal challenges they may face. Our training, multi-disciplinary skills and significant real world experience in having served boards of directors, audit and governance committees and as members of upper management, means we can provide insightful, robust advice that can translate into positive results.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Analyzing public and private financial information
  • Evaluating internal controls and business process reviews
  • Due diligence for acquisitions, divestiture or transactions
  • Investigating corporate governance issues
  • Financial modeling, projections and forecasts
  • Securities and Exchange Commission and accounting-related issues for public companies
  • Restructuring support and accounting services
  • Strategic business planning
  • Debt restructuring, loan covenant waivers
  • Liquidity analysis and cash flow management
  • Assistance in capital sourcing

Technical Accounting Issues

F3’s professionals have the skills and experience to assist companies in dealing with the complex accounting issues they face, including:

  • Audit Malpractice – F3 can analyze audit-related issues including application of professional audit standards related to public, private, and non-profit organizations, drawing on decades of auditing experience in public accounting.
  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) – Accounting standards and their application are becoming increasingly complex.  F3 can investigate the historical accounting principles applied by a company to determine their appropriateness, whether to address regulatory compliance issues or within a transactional setting.  Many post-acquisition disputes arise after a transaction has been completed and the buyer and seller have a disagreement over the application of accounting principles such as revenue and /or expense recognition or proper accounting for reserves, which can affect significant contractual items such as net working capital representations, earnouts, or the overall purchase price paid for a company.

Corporate Governance

Our professionals have been active in the corporate governance arena.  By both sitting on a number of boards and committees, as well as advising and consulting with boards and committees, our team can provide guidance and support to a company and/or its legal counsel in investigating accounting irregularities, issues of compliance such as escheatment (unclaimed property), forensic investigations, Sarbanes-Oxley / risk considerations, stock options issues or process and procedural review and development.

Business and Financial Advisory

Our professionals have extensive management and consulting experience providing financial advisory services to a wide variety of industries.  Our team can assist with key activities around transactional events such as modeling, due diligence, financing and structuring.  We have provided projections and forecasts for the feasibility of projects and debt financings.  Because of our direct financial management experience with public companies, we can offer interim CFO and other financial management solutions for either private or public companies. Our professionals have also supported companies through the bankruptcy process with interim accounting and monthly court reporting.

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