Expert Testimony

The success or failure of many claims depends on how well an expert is able to convey their opinions to the trier of fact.  Our experts and staff possess widely-recognized and respected credentials.

F3 offers expert witness services, including:

  • Anticipate opposing arguments
  • Articulate intricate concepts to both judge and jury in a clear, concise manner
  • Develop and prove complex theories using accepted and tested methodologies
  • Investigate and respond to allegations
  • Measure actual losses suffered by specific stakeholders
  • Prepare effective interrogatory responses, affidavits and expert opinions
  • Provide input on discovery and deposition preparation
  • Provide quantitative studies to support settlement negotiations
  • Research relevant economic, industry and market data
  • Review and critique opposing expert’s analysis
  • Assist counsel in preparing for direct and cross examination of experts

Our experts have a proven track record of issuing expert reports and successfully testifying as experts at depositions, arbitrations, mediations, and trials across the spectrum of legal venues.

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