Forensic Accounting & Financial Investigations

What is a “Forensic Accountant”? According to Webster’s Dictionary, forensic means “Belonging to, used in or suitable to courts of judicature or to public discussion and debate.” In other words, forensic accounting is accounting that is suitable for legal review, and is designed to withstand a legal setting. More specifically, forensic accounting must be sufficiently thorough and complete such that the accountant’s independent professional judgment of the matter is of such high quality that it is sustainable in an adversarial legal proceeding, or within a judicial or administrative review.

F3’s professionals are exceptionally skilled at performing financial investigations and forensic accounting analysis. We help our clients discover the how, when and why of an event; then help the client further understand the financial ramifications. Our professionals are experienced in many financial investigation and forensic accounting techniques.

Some of F3’s techniques include:

  • Analyzing public and private financial information
  • Evaluating internal controls
  • Gathering and uncovering evidence
  • Identifying potential claims
  • Investigating corporate governance issues
  • Modeling the financial position of a company “but for” a disputed event
  • Reconstructing financial statements to help determine the true nature of a transaction
  • Tracing funds and assets
  • Unraveling complicated transactions

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