Fraud Investigations

Widely-publicized events over the last several years have highlighted the prevalence and devastating impact of schemes that involve financial asset misappropriation or financial statement misrepresentation that companies face every day.

The schemes that cause these damaging losses are becoming more complex and sophisticated.  With the increased emphasis placed on fraud detection and prevention, it is critical for companies to have access to professionals that can assist them in identifying areas of risk and methods for fraud prevention, as well as detecting and quantifying these losses when they occur.

F3’s professionals possess forensic skills and experiences that enable us to unravel complex transactions and present our findings in a way that is clear and understandable to our clients.

Our services include:

  • Investigation of fraud and whistle-blower allegations
  • Investigation of allegations of conflicts of interest
  • Investigation of embezzlement or asset misappropriation schemes, such as:
    • Cash larceny
    • Skimming
    • Fraudulent disbursements including fictitious vendors
    • Non-cash asset misuse and theft
  • Investigation of financial statement misrepresentation schemes, such as;
    • Asset overstatement and/or liability understatement
    • Revenue overstatement and/or expense understatement
  • Investigation of allegations of corruption
  • Analysis of financial statements and underlying business records
  • Tracing funds flow
  • Identifying alleged fraudulent activities, assets, or income
  • Evaluating potential areas at greater risk for fraud within an organization
  • Evaluating existing internal controls and/or anti-fraud programs

We have performed fraud investigations for:

  • Boards of Directors
  • Company Management
  • Internal and External Counsel
  • Special Committees
  • Government Agencies

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