Litigation/Dispute Resolution Services

F3 provides research, analysis, consultation and expert testimony in a broad range of complex disputes involving accounting and financial issues. F3 assists corporate and legal clients in these matters as both consultants and testifying experts.  We analyze complex financial transactions, financial records and business practices, and communicate our findings regarding financial damages on many types of business disputes to triers of fact.

F3 has a proven track record of helping counsel sort out the challenging financial issues in numerous types of commercial disputes, bringing valuable insight and clarity to the issues.  In addition to providing damage analysis and expert testimony, F3 can provide value during the earliest stages of a matter by helping determine what really happened, and when.  We also have significant experience in the pre-litigation phase by developing exposure analyses to assist counsel and clients in determining whether to file suit or how to best respond to an anticipated filing.  During discovery we assist our clients in formulating document requests, developing interrogatories and deposition questions.  At trial we use our work to develop clear and concise testimony and demonstratives that convey the issues to arbitrators, judges and juries. We can also support the post-trial phase of a dispute by providing calculations of pre and post-judgment interest on adjudicated damages amounts, and assisting in preparing post-trial briefs or appeals.

With the combination of all of these services, F3 helps to reduce the cost of litigation by giving our clients the strongest tools to present their arguments during all stages of a dispute.

Throughout each dispute engagement, our goal is to communicate our findings clearly and concisely to our clients and/or the trier of fact to help them reach fair and logical determinations.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Business interruption losses
  • Commercial disputes
  • Contract compliance
  • Construction claims
  • Cost recovery
  • Damage calculations
  • Document review and discovery
  • Exposure analysis
  • Financial models
  • Impairment of financial assets
  • Insurance claims
  • Lender liability
  • Lost profits, earnings or revenues
  • Mitigation of damages
  • Post-acquisition disputes
  • Rebuttal claims
  • Rescission analysis
  • Settle vs. litigate analysis
  • Stock option analysis

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