What to expect when working with F3

When seeking out a consulting or testifying expert, you need objective and independent advice that is clear, meaningful and comprehensive. While working with F3, you can expect understanding, insight, thorough analysis, and strong communication skills. We integrate these crucial traits to provide you with superior service and value.

  • Understanding – Many apparently straightforward claims hide sophisticated financial and commercial issues that have a fundamental impact on the way damages should be assessed.
  • Insight – Our accounting, financial analysis and auditing skills provide valuable insight into issues impacting claims and disputes. These skills allow us to target our investigations and research more efficiently and effectively.
  • Thorough Analysis – When assessing damages, we often distil significant amounts of data. We use financial models to test the sensitivity of our calculations to variations in the underlying assumptions.  We then apply rigorous quality control procedures to ensure the accuracy of our work product.
  • Strong Communication Skills – Preparing a thorough and accurate analysis of the issues under review is often only part of our required performance. We understand the importance of communicating complex arguments clearly and concisely in both the written and spoken word. Our training and experience in providing testimony at depositions, trials, arbitrations, and mediations enhance our level of communication with our clients and the triers of fact.

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